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Bienvenue chez maison Dior

This article is not about the amazing collection Christian himself or the creative directors after him created. As much as I love to write about the history of Dior, this article will take you backstage to the business view of the brand.
For this article I did some research to look at the view christian Dior has for his brand. If you look closely you will see a pattern in the decisions that have been made, but also in the believe of the brand. It is all about the women, her elegance, individuality and simplicity.
After women, flowers are the most divine creations.
– Christian Dior
If you understand the business, you will understand the brand and the product. Understanding creates appreciation and awareness to the brand. This is important if you want your business to have a league of people that appreciate the things you create (whether fashion related or tech.). With understanding they will be aware of your decisions and stay loyal to your message. In another blog post I will talk more about how to create understanding with your customers.
But what strategy did Dior took for his brand, but also the creative directors after him:
-Brand extension: Dior has chosen to extend the product in their business. This means that it operates under the same name, but has a different target group. It is still Dior.
Miss Dior: on march 13th 1947 he stepped in the world of fragrance and created miss Dior as the first fragrance for women.
Rouge Dior: 1953 first lipstick created and beginning of Dior beauty.
Dior monsieur:  Marc Bohan started the first men’s line for Dior
Fine jewellery: in 1998 Dior had its first creative director for the jewellery line.
-Operates with the same name: Even though Dior has different brand extensions  it still uses its own name for the created lines. You will see the name Dior or Christian Dior on all product lines. 
-Faces of Dior: Dior has different faces that show different sides of the brand. For example: they used Charlize theron as the golden girl for Dior but also Johnny Depp for the wild but powerful look of the Sauvage campaign (which I think it was a great decision to use Johnny for this).
-Main focus is on women, the strong, the elegant, the simple but powerful women. They later extended it with man and also added the cutest target group to the family. It wouldn’t be family without them ;).
In this time we want to have it all and add a famous name in our closet or on our body. But if you can’t wear the item with the believe the designer has, it’s just a piece of fabric in your closet with a huge price tag. Wear the brand with the elegance and creativity the creator intended to and you will be the duchess of your own mansion.
Did you like the article or do you want to know more about your favorite brand? Tell me about a brand that inspires you and maybe the next article will be about them.

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