For the ♥ of brands

There are 2 ways of loving a brand:

  • First: Because you want to feel luxurious
  • Second: Because it’s art

For me it means both. I love the feeling of a blouse that is made of very good fabric or a shoe that gives me that extra confidence. But also, that it looks damn good on the outfit you’re rocking that day at work or on a date. But brands are telling you more then just how you look, they tell you what kind of person you are or not. Either way, it is important that you wear something because you like it and support it. Don’t wear a brand that everybody wears because it’s in Fashion, wear it because it’s in YOU.

This is also what this blog is about. We write about brands we like and support. The brand that fits us as a brand, but also fits YOU as our reader. We will bring you behind the scene’s and history of famous and luxurious brands. What drove them to the edge and what keeps them still creating amazing art pieces. Behind every creation there is a story that will drive you to as a person.

So let’s get inspired and enjoy your weekly dose of brands and business on this Fashion platform.


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