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My first blog post is about growth. I wanted to write about this topic, because I noticed every body wants to grow in different areas. For example, I want to grow my blog, inspire people and grow it to an online magazine for people who want to be inspired. But in my head I want it now.

Everybody wants to grow and be successful within a week. To be honest, me too. I want to see results fast, even after this post I want to see it the next day in my visitor analysis. But you have to have patience to grow. It is hard and maybe nobody will see this post, because they can’t find it. But you have to try it and make that step. Being patient is one of the hardest things, because you also need to me consistent in what you do, even when you don’t see results.

Grow your self!

But most important is to grow (your) my self. Not in height :p, but in knowledge. My goal is to influence people with knowledge they can benefit from. Have collaborations with brands who can give such benefit to my readers and inspire them with their work. Creating content that is valuable for the reader, that is my aim for this blog.

One of the hardest things when growing is staying focused and be consistent. Consistency is for me too hard, I will write a post today and another one after 3 months. But if I want to get to my audience I need to provide useful content every other day. I love to write and inspire others, so that keeps me now motivated to write more often.

Lets help each other out and give water to each others surface. Leave a comment what you think about this post and share your growth inspirations.

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